It's important to know how much time it takes for your leads to get processed, so we implemented the Lead Opened In feature, which calculates how much it took since the lead was created until it was processed.

When a lead is created, the system marks the field Unopened Communication = Yes, once your Acquisition Representative starts working on it, he must change the field Unopened Communication to No. In that moment the field Lead Opened In is being calculated, according to your business hours. Learn more about this feature here.

It is good to know that the value of the field will change back to "Yes" automatically if you receive an incoming Call, SMS or Email from the Seller/Buyer, letting you know that you have a new response from them.

Based on this field we've created the view Unprocessed Leads from where you can easily manage the new created leads or the ones that answered you via Email, Phone, Text or Voicemail. You may find the view in the Seller Leads app on the left side of the screen. 

Note that the value of the field "Lead Opened in" is only affected by the first time when your Acquisition Representatives clicks "No" for the Unopened Communication field and it will not change.

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