What  is the Lead Opened In field used for?

The Lead Opened in feature is used to keep track of how much time it takes for the leads to get opened. When a lead is created, the system marks the field Unopened Communication = Yes, once your Acquisition Representative starts working on it, he must change the field Unopened Communication to No. 

How is the Lead Opened In feature calculated?

The Lead Opened In field is affected by your Business Hours which means if your business hours are from Monday to Friday and a lead is created and processed on weekends, the Lead opened In will show "0" because it was not processed during your business hours.

Note that the value of the field Lead Opened in field is affected only by the first time when your Acquisition Representatives clicks No for the Unopened Communication field.

How does the Lead Opened In feature affects the dashboard?

There are 2 widgets in your CEO Dashboard that show you the average hours to open new leads and the average hours to open new leads sorted by month.

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