Every time you create a ticket its Status will be New. Whenever there's a new ticket created in your dedicated support workspace, that ticket will also be created in our internal workspace and it'll be placed in the queue to be analyzed. Then it will be updated with one of the following statuses:

●"Waiting Information" in case we need more details to understand the request

"Pending Estimate" while we establish the technical solution and an estimate time-frame and budget

●"Waiting approval" while we're waiting for your approval on the budget we've established and while we're waiting for the payment if you approved it. Once you approve mark the Status = "Approved" and after we receive the payment, we'll schedule it for execution according to the availability of the team. During this period the ticket status will be "Work in Progress"

●"Waiting Review" is used when the request is done and ready to be reviewed by you

●If after your revision everything is OK we mark the ticket as "Work Done". The tickets that were already marked as "Work Done" will not be reopened, instead if there will be any necessary changes a new ticket will be created.

●If you have ideas of improving the system you may add them as tickets into the system marked as "StandBy" and we'll take them for there one by one. The best way to track progress and see improvement on the custom features developed together is to work on a ticket at a time

●If a ticket is not applicable for you anymore you can cancel it

Hopefully, this will help you to have a better understanding of our ticketing system!

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