For a business, changing a phone number comes with a great price, even if this means wasting money on advertising materials or even losing valuable clients and we totally understand that.

In order to avoid these types of scenarios, we can help you port your existing phone numbers to smrtPhone so that you can keep using your original business phone numbers along with all the features of smrtPhone.

The process of porting a number to smrtPhone is very simple and the support team will assist you throughout the entire process. The process includes 4 stages :

1. Submitting a porting request

The first step is to submit a support request to smrtPhone with the title "Porting Numbers" then the support team will contact you shortly in order to advance to the next step.

Link for the webform to submit the porting request here and at the bottom of this page.

2. Gathering Information

A porting file will be created and you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Your current provider that you are porting your numbers from.

  • A list with the numbers that you want to port (Don't forget that you can add a name for each number).

  • What type of account you have with your current carrier? (Business/Residential).

  • A business Name (If applicable).

  • Your full address.

  • Billing statement (An invoice from your current carrier - PDF).

After you provide smrtPhone team with the information mentioned above, a Letter of Authorization will be sent to your email. You will need to sign it as this LOA is essential in our porting procedure.

3. The transfer

This is the last step of the porting process. It takes between 1 and 4 weeks to port a phone number to smrtPhone. There is no downtime as the number remains active on your current provider till it is not ported to smrtPhone. When your porting request is approved, we get a specific porting date and time from our telecom partner. And, at this specific scheduled time, your number is switched over to smrtPhone.

Do not cancel your previous provider's account till the porting is completed. Once, we receive the above mentioned docs, we will submit a number porting case with both your and our operators & take this forward.

4. Final configuration

Please send REIvolution Support Team a message via the live chat on our website when the porting is done so we can update the configuration in the back end and in the Marketing app(change the tracking numbers inside the Marketing app from CallRail/other service to smrtPhone). It is a one minute process!

smrtPhone does not perceives any fees for the porting process, however, the charging for the phone numbers will begin as soon as the numbers are transferred to your smrtPhone account.

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