The most important thing while starting using Podio is Managing your notifications. You will have a lot of them, notifications from the system, from your team and so on. The most important is to check all your mentions and make sure you don't missed any. You have the following possibility:

  • You can check all of them by going to "Show all" and than going one by one through them

  • Or you can press on the little "@" icon which means you will be able to see only the mentions

As you can see, from the total of 28 notifications I have, only 2 are mentions from somebody that needs something specifically from me, and then you can click on "Mark all as read" button

It's important to manage your mentions like that because if you read all of them, one by one, you will waste time and it's possible to even miss some of them.

The next important aspect of the notifications is that it's recommended to read them in Podio and not receiving emails with them. You will spend most of your time in Podio, managing your business and by receiving emails, you will be distracted from the important parts. So we recommend you to disable your email notifications like this. In this way your focus and work will be only in Podio.

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