What is CallRail integration?

The CallRail integration allows you to have all your Tracking Numbers from CallRail inside REIvolution.

How does the CallRail  integration work?

You'll have all your phone numbers from CallRail into REIvolution and when someone will call on one of your phone numbers, a new item will be created in the Seller Leads or Buyers app (depending on your choice)

Seller Leads will be created

Buyer Leads will be created

How do I get CallRail integration into my system?

First of all you need a CallRail  account and if you don't have the integration already installed, go to app.reivolution.io/addons and under Phone Systems you will find the CallRail Add-On. Just click Install and after that, we will ask you for the information that we need. Then, we take it from there.

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