What is Active Campaign integration?

The Active Campaign integration allows you to enroll buyers into different lists and send them email blasts from inside your Active Campaign account.

How does the Active Campaign integration work?

In the Buyers app, you have the possibility to Subscribe or Unsubscribe a buyer from one of your Active Campaign Lists (you can have the same buyer subscribed to multiple lists)

After the integration, you will have 3 default lists (Cash Buyers, Realtors, Wholesalers) but you can have there as many lists as you want, just let us know and we'll help you to add them.

How do I get Active Campaign integration into my system?

First of all you need a Active Campaign  account and if you don't have the integration already installed, go to app.reivolution.io/addons and under Email Marketing you will find the Active Campaign Add-On. Just click Install and after that, we will ask you for the information that we need. Then, we take it from there.

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