By connecting REIvolution to your SlyBroadcast account you're able to send voicemails to your sellers automatically from Podio. 

How do I send voicemails from Podio?
In order to send automated ringless voicemails from Podio you have to follow the steps of creating a new sequence. Navigate to the Sequences app, select the number of days when this should be sent, choose the Type Voicemail and the campaign.
(Note* - you can add .mp3 or .wav audio files)

Now, go to the Seller Leads app under the Operations Workspace and enroll a Seller into the Drip campaign. Now the seller is going to receive the voicemails according to the number of days you introduced when you created the sequence.

How do I get Slybroadcast integration into my system?

First of all you need a SlyBroadcast account, then go to and under the Add-Ons sections, click the Drip Campaigns category and click Install. This integration is FREE of any charge and we'll take care of the entire process.

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