Items in Seller Leads app can be created automatically from Incoming Calls on one of your Tracking Numbers.
When a Seller is created automatically, along with the item in the Seller Leads app, the system also creates an item in the Contacts app. The fields that are automatically completed in the Contacts app are:

  • Name

  • Phone

  • Type - depending on what you selected in your Marketing app

  • The Seller / Buyer related

and in the Seller Leads app:

  • Contact - the one created at the same time as the lead

  • Campaign - related to the Tracking Number

  • Voice Communication - related to the Incoming Call

When the Incoming Call creates the item in the Seller Lead, you can have the web form from the Answering Service update the lead with all the necessary info like the Property Address, Property type, Needed Repairs, etc

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