What is Lob integration?

The Lob integration allows you to send automated letter drip campaigns to your Seller Leads directly from your REIvolution system in Podio. 

How does the Lob integration work?

Well, for you this will be like creating any other type of sequence. Navigate to the Sequences app, select the number of days when this should be sent, choose the type Letter and the campaign.

Then in the field Task Title / Email Subject insert the title of the letter and in the field below add the body of the letter.

This works like any other drip campaign, so when you go to the seller lead item and enroll it into the campaign that contains a letter, the system will send the information you added into the Sequences app to Lob. 

If the seller lead Contact item has not a name or if the property is missing, you'll be noticed with a comment. The name and the address of the contact are compulsory for this to be functioning properly.

Once the details are sent to Lob in the Communications app an item is created, with Type Outgoing Letter, which will be related to the Seller Lead and the sequence. Also Lob ID, the Send Date and Expected Date of Delivery are filled in. Here you'll find a preview of the letter and if any error occurs this fact will be marked the field Error Sending Lob Letter.

How do I get Lob integration into my system?

If you don't have it already installed, just create a ticket asking for Lob integration. In the ticket, you should provide us the Login account details and the information that should appear on the envelope (Name, Street, City, Zip and State of the sender). Then, we take it from there.


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