Now that we know how to set up and how to create Sequences, let's see how you can actually use them.

For this, we need to go to the Seller Leads app from the Operations workspace. Here let's open one of the existing leads, make sure that the Contact that is attached has a valid phone number and email, and use the Navigation links to go to the Drip Campaign section of the Seller. 

Over there we will have the field "Drip Campaign" that has the same values like the field Campaign from the Sequences app. To enroll a Seller into the Drip Campaigns, just select a value from there that matches the existing sequences that you created. 

After you select one, let's say "Active Seller", the Sequence ID, Sequence Start Date and Sequence Run Date will autocomplete with all the necessary details and in case you have a 2nd sequence in the Active Seller Campaign, the Seller Leads will let you know when will be the next action.

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