Let's talk about how to create your first Drip Campaigns. First you have to go to the Sequences app from the Back Office workspace and click on "Add Action".

  • Days - you enter in how many days the sequence will be triggered (0 - today, 1 - tomorrow, 2 - the day after tomorrow and so on)

  • Type - you select what type of Sequence will be (Task, Text, Email, Voicemail, Letter)

  • Campaign - here you select on which campaign you want this Sequence to be in. This field is fully customizable and you are be able to change it how you want it, by adding what values you need, but make sure you add the same value in the field Drip Campaign from the Seller Leads app. This keeps the flow working properly.

  • Task Title / Email Subject - this field is used only for the sequence types Task and Email

  • Task Description / Text / Email Message - this field is used only for the sequence types Task, Text and Email

  • Variables - this field show you the available variables that you can use in your Sequences

  • Validation - this is an automated field that will automatically change it's value from "Invalid" to "Valid" if everything is correct with the sequence that you created. If you didn't create the sequence correctly but after you saved, you fix the issue, you will need to click on "Revalidate" so that the value will change to "Valid" after the system makes sure it's correct

  • Files - you can upload from your computer or from your favorite online services audio files (in format .mp3 or .wov) that are used in Voicemails sequences

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