You will use the Contacts app to track and manage all contacts that will relate to your Sellers, Buyers, Vendors, Employees, etc.

Items in the Contacts app can be created manually by clicking "Add Contact" and filling in the necessary fields, or automatically everytime you receive:

  • Incoming Calls

  • Incoming Emails

  • When an webform is submitted from your Answering Service
    *After you finish your Webform Integration, Contacts will be also created when someone will fill in a webform from your website*

Important fields:

  • Type - Here you can choose the Type of the contact (or it will be automatically selected when a Seller or a Buyer will be created via Incoming Call)

  • Unopened Communication - This field will let you know if you have a new communication from this number or email address by changing it's value to "Yes"

  • Seller Lead/Buyer - These two fields represent the related items from the Seller Leads app and from the Buyers app. These fields will be automatically updated when the Contacts is created via Incoming Call

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