Manually creating a Seller Lead in the system is a 2 step process. To manually create a Seller Lead in the system you will need to head over to the Seller Leads app and hit ”Add Seller Lead” in the top right-hand corner.

Now it’s time to create a Contact that will be attached to this lead. The Contact file holds the Name, Phone, Email and Type of the lead.

Scroll down to the bottom of the contact window and click “Create new item”, like in the screen shot below:

Fill in the Name, Phone, Email, then choose the Type as “Seller Lead”. After you’ve finished entering the contact details press “Save and return”.

The Contact you just created is now attached to the Contact field and it’s the first entry from the list. Click on the name to save it then go ahead and fill in the Seller Leads questionnaire and the rest of the other details then you’re set to go by clicking “Save Seller Lead”.

Note: Please make sure to always attach a Lead Responsible and an Acquisition Representative on the Seller Lead item to make sure all automations work.

The process from above is explained in the following video:

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