There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly navigate through Podio.

The following shortcuts can be used from any page in Podio:   

  • "?" - Brings up a list of all keyboard shortcuts (yes, we have a shortcut for our shortcuts!)

  • "M" - Creates a new message

  • "T" - Creates a new task (the task will attach to the workspace/app from which you create it)

  • "S" - Opens the search bar (the search will be performed within the workspace or app you are in)

  • "G" - Opens the workspace selector

  • "C" - Opens the Chat pane

  • "N" - Opens your notification dropdown

The following shortcuts can be used from within your Podio Notifications:  

  • "K" - Select the previous notification

  • "J" - Select the next notification

  • "A" - Star the selected notification

Miscellaneous shortcuts:  

  • "V" - Toggle the layout for an application

  • "L" - Like an item

  • "H" - Show empty fields in an item

  • "F" - View your app in full-screen mode

  • Left and right arrows - Move between items when viewing them in an app

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